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Biotic interactions for agricultural multifunctionality

Biotic interactions are critical determinants of ecological processes, both directly and indirectly through how they affect the abiotic components of ecosystems, including carbon, nutrients, and water. Agricultural management not only influences biodiversity patterns but also how species interact to influence ecosystem functions. My research investigates how multiple biotic interactions – between plants, insects, and soil microbes – affect plant performance and soil processes in agricultural systems.

Relevant publications

  • Debray, R., Socolar, Y., Kaulbach, G., Guzman, A., Hernandez, C., Curley, R., Dhond, A., Bowles, T., Koskella, B. Water stress and disruption of mycorrhizae induce parallel shifts in phyllosphere microbiome composition. New Phytologist. Accepted.

  • Guzman, A., Montes, M., Soria-Gilman, I., Banuelos, M., Firestone, M., Bowles, T., and Kremen, C. Floral trait variation and pollinator visitation are mediated by belowground mycorrhizal interactions and nutrient supply. Submitted.

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