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Current Research

Guzman A., Chase, M., & Kremen, C. (2019). On-farm diversification in an agriculturally-dominated landscape positively influences specialist pollinators. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 3, 87.

Previous Research

Guzman, A., Gaines-Day, H. R., Lois, A. N., Steffan, S. A., Brunet, J., Zalapa, J., & Guédot, C. (2019). Surrounding landscape and spatial arrangement of honey bee hives affect pollen foraging and yield in cranberry. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 286, 106624.

Jennings, H., Wallin, K., Brennan, J., Del Valle, A., Guzman, A., ... Kartzinel R.Y., Givnish T.J. (2016). Inbreeding, low genetic diversity, and spatial genetic structure in the endemic Hawaiian lobeliads Clermontia fauriei and Cyanea pilosa ssp. longipedunculataConservation Genetics, 17(2), 497-502.

Zalapa, J. E., Bougie, T. C., Bougie, T. A., Schlautman, B. J., Wiesman, E., Guzman, A., ... & Smith, T. (2015). Clonal diversity and genetic differentiation revealed by SSR markers in wild Vaccinium macrocarpon and Vaccinium oxycoccos. Annals of applied biology, 166(2), 196-207.